We did a LOT of research searching for the right hot tub to suit our needs. After looking at cheaper hot tubs at Costco and Walmart to the higher end models like Hot Springs and Sundance, my husband and I decided we wanted a used but newer model of Hot Springs. We did not want to spend $20,000 on a new hot tub when we knew they lasted a long time as long as you did the correct maintenance.

I found Donn on Yelp and also from a recommendation from a friend who also did business with Donn. Donn and I spoke on the phone and I told him what I was looking for. When he got the model we wanted, we made the long drive from the peninsula up to novato. When we saw the hot tub in person, we decided it was way to big for the nook we wanted to put it in in the yard (plus we didn't want to deal with getting an electrician to make that one work) and Donn was super cool about it and said he would keep looking out for us. A couple of weeks later, he said he got another Hot Springs in the size that we wanted and the voltage we required. We made the drive up again and bought it on the spot.

Donn had delivered it himself and had it all set up. That night, we realized the hot tub wasn't heating and he came back while we were on vacation to make sure it was nice and hot by the time we got back. He did have to come back to fix the cover lift that was not installed correctly and to fix a couple of other issue. It took a while but he did come back until everything was resolved to our satisfaction.

Donn provides excellent customer service, is very patient in answering questions and solving problems and knows hot tubs.

We use our hot tub every night. I would definitely give him my business again and I would recommend him for anyone shopping for a hot tub.
— Audrey L.
I am really thrilled with the hot tub and service I got from Spa Mania!

To be honest I was just a little apprehensive when I checked Yelp, due to some of the less than stellar reviews, but I'm happy to report that my experience with Don and Elizabeth was NOTHING like the negative reviews, and I would recommend them without hesitation.

My short story: I've been dreaming about a hot tub for most of my life, but I've never really had the money, and since I'm a renter, I never thought that a tub was a possibility until much later. When a friend let me know that smaller, cheaper, portable tubs exist, well, it was like lighting a fire in my brain. Unfortunately, "cheaper" still meant like $4000 and up.

So I started searching on Craigslist and eventually stumbled upon Spa Mania, Don and Elizabeth's excellent service. For $1200 (which is still a lot of money, of course, but we're talking about a HOT TUB here!! These things can be REALLY expensive...) they hooked me up with a fine refurbished tub, with brand new controls and motor, and delivered it for free on top of everything!

Now, please understand that he and Elizabeth delivered to our little rental house in El Cerrito on a Saturday evening. I'm sure there's a hundred other places they might want to be, rather than working, but they were legitimately friendly, warm, knowledgeable, laid-back, and all-around really decent people.

Now I have a beautiful tub for a price that I could afford, and I am in heaven. If anything goes wrong with it, it came with a guarantee from them, and I have no doubt that they'll fix it in a snap.

One last note: some of the reviews here talk about Spa Mania or Spa Warrior or seem to think that them changing their name is somehow suspicious or indicative of something bad. Well, honestly, they could call themselves Purple Spa Monsters, and I wouldn't care.

The bottom line is they have cheap hot tubs that work, and they deliver, like, anywhere, and they're friendly and reliable. Also - and they didn't talk about this, but I think it's worth mentioning - buying something used and refurbished is a pretty great thing to do, not just for your pocketbook, but also for the environment. Some people might balk at having a used hot tub, but me, I'm glad that more resources didn't get used up on making a new tub for me.

Green, affordable, friendly, mellow. What more could you want out of a local business??
— Daniel W.
Don and Toussant are always friendly, helpful and informative. We don't understand the negative reviews. We got a great price and we got the spa we wanted. The service at Spa Mania has been excellent. After owning the tub without problems for a year, the heating mechanism needed repair. They came out and got it working. Our house is in Bodega Bay, so they had a way to travel. We are completely satisfied with their work. Another time, we needed a new filter. I stopped by the store and Toussant showed me how to remove the old one and replace it, step by step. It was easy and saved me a service call. We can recommend this shop and the staff without hesitation.
— Laura C.
Was concerned patronizing this business after reviewing the negative reviews here. Couldn't be more wrong. Toussant was incredible to deal with, offered advice that save me hundreds in a service call, ensured my GFCI connection was proper and answered all of my "newbie" questions with patience.

For what it is worth, they have an A+ with the BBB.
— Chris I.
Great place.
Don (the owner) is fair, goes the extra mile and provides excellent customer service.
They are easy to get to, just 101 in Novato.
And I am a real customer.
— Bob M.
I had visited Don's shop in expectation of having to replace our vacation rental spa but, of course, the old spa just up and died right before a 21 day rental. I called Don and he and his crew were up the very next day and removed the old spa and replaced it with a great looking refurbished one. It is working like a charm and they were terrific to deal with. Arrived right on time and the price was fabulous. Thanks so very much. A pleasure to work who these guys.
— Susan P.
A great outfit. Toussant was a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable about the product and made no promises he couldn't keep. Don backed him up with a seamless delivery process. The price was fair and the tub was refurbished nicely. Four stars should be a rating for great service and price, but I'm giving five to help make up for obviously false reviews they received from disgruntled "customers". I get the feeling that reputation means something to these men. I cannot believe they could treat us so well and others so shabbily. Anyway, if you are shopping for a hot tub, do include Spa Mania in your search.
— Andy F.
That's right 5 stars. As in, excellence. Great product, even better service. Let me 'splain.

We searched the internets for a new hot tub that fulfilled our hot tub needs and met our hot tub budget. But we have caviar tastes on a hamburger budget.

So - we began searching the classified ads, the pennysaver, the flea markets, the highways and byways.... nothing.

And then, of course, the Craigslist. And there was Don and Spa Mania, advertising just what we wanted, right in a price range that we could afford.

I called, and Don told me that it had already been sold. "But come on by, we're right off the 101 in Novato! We've got all kind of tubs here!" And he did.

We dropped in, and sure enough, Don had just gotten in a little 3-person Spa that seemed like it would be perfect. $2400 and out the door. "This is like an $8000 tub. You guys are lucky, I haven't seen anything this nice through here in a while." I wasn't sure I believed that this was a unique opportunity, but I did believe that it was a good tub, and cheap - so we bought it.

And that would have been 3 or 4 stars, but what happened next is how Don earned the 5-star review.

It's a 220v tub, so we had an electrician run a new 220v line, and he hooked up the tub. And, well, we have no idea whether he did anything wrong or not, but the tub sure did emit a big puff of smoke and stop working almost immediately.

I was pretty pissed, and called the electrician, and told him that he and Don should arrange to meet up, look at the tub, and figure out whose problem it was. I knew it wasn't going to turn into my problem.

Don called me, after having spoken to the electrician. He basically took full responsibility for whatever went wrong (I think the electrician ran the tub dry, and overheated/melted some of the wires). Don came over, checked it out, figured out what was wrong. Couple days later, he came back, fixed a leak, fixed the melty wires, fixed it right up. And it ran good, for a couple hours. And then it went ka-kunk, and got very very quiet.

So, we called Don back. At this point, I thought maybe we're going to get some pushback. Maybe he's going to drag his feet. Maybe he's going to try and cut his losses. Nope. Don sent his man Toussaint out, and they fixed it some more, fixed it until it was all 100% fixed.

We have been enjoying the tub greatly ever since. It was a very good price, and Don made sure that it worked right. We are super-pleased, and very happy to give Don and Spa Mania a ringing endorsement.

Was it more of an adventure than it would have been if we had bought a new tub? You bet. Did we save thousands? We sure did.

Way to be, Don!
— Matt G.